Conturax Tubes and Rods, a variety of shaped hollow tubes and rods from Borosilicate, heat proof glass. The Conturax Tubes and Rods glass tubes are versatile. The Conturax tubes come in standard lengths of 1500mm , however we are happy to cut these to any length required. The tubes or rods work very well as pendant light fittings, to facilitate this we have the capacity to drill hanging holes to suit your fitting.

The Conturax Tubes and Rods can also be used as a raw material. They can be heated, blown and manipulated into large variety of shapes, principally for light shades, but also for a variety of decorative features. You can see a few examples in the slide show presented below.

Conturax Tubes and Rods offer several advantages that can be utilized by a variety of industries from engineering right through to interior design, and architecture.

  • Smooth, scratch resisting surface
  • Heat resisting up to 280°C
  • Excellent transparency
  • Chemically resistance: HGB1 for Hydraulic resistance, S1 Class for acid resistance
  • Can be formed into other shapes

Conturax can be further processed into any number of shapes only limited by your imagination.


For Trade customers, looking for something unique, Conturax Pro maybe the solution. Conturax Pro is produced using borosilicate glass and to the same technical specification as Conturax. The key difference is that Conturax Pro offers the opportunity to produce the tubing in a range of special shapes. This has applications for many industries, technical application for the engineering industry, and for Interior design and Architecture project. The brochure is given below, as well as some examples of the shapes that can be achieved.