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Process Level Gauges

John Moncrieff Ltd were one of the innovators of the Reflex level gauge and the group has since developed into a world market leader in glass level gauge technology.

John Moncrieff Ltd were innovators in the development of the Reflex/Process level gauge and  has since developed into a world market leader in glass level gauge technology.

Today John Moncrieff  supplies the most comprehensive range of Liquid level gauges suitable for the varied needs of the modern process plant. We supply level gauges to suit virtually any application, available in single or multi-sections, with a variety of shut-off valves, cocks and accessories.

Reflex Process Level Gauges

Process Level Gauges are available in the range ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 1500, it is particularly suited for low pressure steam boilers, gas liquefaction plants, reactors or storage vessels.

Transparent Process Level Gauges

Transparent Level Gauge is perfectly suited for viscous, interface and coloured liquids.

Illuminators Process Level Gauges

EEx rating according to type of lamp used. Supplied with aluminium housing for corrosive applications.

Process Valves & Cocks
Process Valves & Cocks

There are two types of shut off devices – RAV gauge valves and DG gauge cocks.



Moncrieff offer both hand, semi automatic and fully automatic blowing facilities. This makes us perhaps the most versatile pressed glass company. Offering volumes from a tens up to tens of thousands of units. All with the assurance of 150 years of experience.


At John Moncrieff Ltd we are equally happy dealing with large PLC as we are smaller concerns, all are treated with the same dedication to quality and customer service.


We invite you to send your enquiries. In the first instance please contact us with a drawing or sketch, outlining the usage conditions and an indication of production volumes.