Coloured Glass Tube

Our range is prepared from borosilicate glass, that allows the tubes to be manipulated into various forms, for decorative and lighting applications, the preparation of coloured lighting shade and similar. You can see examples to our Glass Forming page. The shapes that can be produced are only limited by your imagination.

Coloured Glass Tubes are available in a variety of different colours and diameters. Pease see the link below to open up and image to see the range of colours we have available.

Available colours:


Available diameters: 5mm -100mm

The minimum quantities we can supply is 25kgs, this volume can be made up of different colours and diameters according to your needs. The lead times. Are as standard 6-8 weeks from date of order, if there is an urgent demand, please contact us to see what is possible.

Internal Ribbed Coloured Tube

In recent years internally ribbed tubes have become popular. The internally ribbed tubes are as versatile as the plain coloured glass tubes. The internally ribbed tubes can either be used as cut lengths for lighting applications, or they can be manipulated into various forms.

The coloured internally ribbed tubes are a new product for us, and at the moment they are prepared to order. We are increasing the range of diameters, so please contact us for additional information. The typical lead time is 10-12 weeks.