Blown Glass

John Moncrieff Ltd has specialized in offering blown glass solutions since 1865.

In simple terms Blown Glass is created by gathering the gob of molten glass on the end of the hollow pipe. The the gob of glass is then presented to the pre-heated mould and blown to the required shape. This creates a raw-blown glass item.  After cutting, finishing and annealing, you have your final item.


Blown Glass can utilise various glass types to create decorative pieces in clear or coloured glass, as well as more specialist glass types designed for resisting heat or chemical attack.. Each glass type has different characteristics, please contact us, to discuss your application, and to see what glass type is most suitable.

Some available finishes

Soda Glass

Soda Glass is the standard glass type used for making the most of decorative blown glass items. This type of glass can be in clear or in a varied range of colours. The most popular being opal white, which is always available.

Solid glass colours depend on availability, however we are able to colour the glass to any RAL or Pantone colour with hard wearing spray resin.

We are able to create various applications; Acid etching, cutting, crackle finish, transfer applied, threaded necks or bubbles

Soda Glass
Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass

Coloured glass is popular for decorative applications, we have a facility to prepare glass in various colours either using solid coloured glass, by applying a spray resin, Pate de Verre or pure colour..

We always have clear and opal glass available. Through the year, there are other colours avaliable, as and when there is demand.. For solid colours the minimum order can be restrictive for some custiomers, there are other colour options we can discuss with you.

We have the facility to offer coloured spray resin is always available

Check out our Blog on the .Coloured Glass Revolution. This will give you some more ideas on how to achieve your coloured glass ambitions.

Borosilicate Glass

We can offer blown glass in borosilicate glass which has an excellent heat and chemical resisting properties. It is principally used for scientific and engineering applications. Blown borosilicate glass can be used for domestic use such as glass shades. The main advantage of using borosilicate glass is that it can be blown very thin, offerring a very light wall thickness.

Borosilicate Glass
Some of benefits of Borosilicate

  • Ability to resist heat up to 350 Deg C
  • Articles can be blown with very thin wall
  • Excellent resistance against Acid and Alkali
  • Excellent for toughening/tempering
Quartz Glass: High Temperature Glass

Quartz Glass

Quartz glass is where the clarity or the ability to resist great heat up to 1200°C is a requirement. This comes in flat sheets or tubular form. It can be manipulated into various forms or cut into your required shape, but it has more limitations than with other glass types.

Some of the benefits of quarts

  • Ability to resist heat up to 1200 Deg C
  • Articles can be blown with very thin wall
  • Excellent chemical and heat resistance

Opal Glass

We use opal glass, triplex opal and flashed opal glass for a wide range of blown glass lighting applications. Opal glass is an excellent diffuser of light. Our capacity can blow opal glass to a maximum of 600mm. It is also available in flat and tubular glass.

Opal Glass

Moncrieff offer both hand, semi automatic and fully automatic blowing facilities. This makes us perhaps the most versatile pressed glass company. Offering volumes from tens up to tens of thousands of units. All with the assurance of 150 years of experience.


At John Moncrieff Ltd we are equally happy dealing with large PLC as we are smaller concerns, all are treated with the same dedication to quality and customer service.


We invite you to send your enquiries. In the first instance please contact us with a drawing or sketch, outlining the usage conditions and an indication of production volumes.