Magnetic Level Gauges

Magnetic gauges

Used throughout the world within a vast range of industries the range of Magnetic Level Gauges is particularly suited to applications where hazardous liquids or gases are in use.

All of these instruments are made to order and our engineers will provide expert guidance on the design and manufacture of the Magnetic Level Gauges for specific applications.

Benefits of Magnetic Level Gauges 

Magnetic Level Gauges provide immediate and accurate response to level changes, giving clear and sharp legibility over the full range of the liquid level. Local and remote display, point switching facilities are available. Robust, shockproof and completely sealed for safety. Magnetic Level Gauges are particularly suited for dangerous or toxic fluids. Ideal for liquid interface applications with a powerful omni-directional magnet system contained within a non-pressured float design.


  • High-pressure capability – standard up to 400bar

  • High-temperature capability – up to 450C

  • Standard SG range 0.33-2.2

  • Top mounted option

  • Vibration resistance by ‘magnetic locking’ design

  • Custom built for any design

  • Remote electronic monitoring options

  • Design Build to ASME B31.3 or AD2000

  • ATEX Compliant 2014/34/EU

  • P.E.D 97/23/EC CATEGORY IV

Magnetic Level Gauge

Standard aluminium or stainless steel option for the outer housing can be assembled to any length and mounted to suit the best viewing angle.

Red and white coloured wafers remain magnetically locked in the vertical position until activated by the greater magnetic force of the float magnet. Other colours are available on request.

At the base of the indicator the wafers are mounted with their colours in reverse. Should the float reach that level the wafers will turn presenting a sharp, immediately readable indication of float failure.

Made of reinforced stainless steel, titanium, corrosion resistant plastic or other exotic non-magnetic metals.

Fabricated from stainless steel pipe, corrosion resistant plastics or other exotic non-magnetic metals.

The Magnetic Level Gauge is ideally suited for measuring liquid interfaces. Floats are available to meet a variety of specific gravities to suit the liquids being monitored.

Available in two basic designs, one with slip on weld flanges and welded branch tubes, the other a more process suitable design with fully butt welded flanges and fittings.