Lead Glass Tubing

Lead Glass Tubing

Lead Glass is a soft sodium free workable glass, and tubes from lead glass can be formed into many shapes and that offers some unique properties. Lead based glass tubing was once readily available, however due to emissions legislation, it is now restricted to a select few heavily regulated factories.. These factories operate within strict guidelines, to minimize any environmental impact.


Applications are numerous and include thermometer tubes, fibre optics, signal intensifiers, electronic applications, semi conductor components and tv tubing amongst others.

Available Diameters Lead Content Options
2mm-40mm OD 6%,  10%,  21%,  29%
  • X-Ray Absorption
  • Hydrolytic Resistance
  • Electrical Insulator
  • Ease of working

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The lead glass tubes are available in custom dimension and lengths to sit your requirements, we can finish the end with a flame polish so that they are smooth to the touch, to stop any damage to the tube, and connecting parts . The lead content within the tubes offers real benefits over other glass types. For example, the tubes can protect the user against radiation, whilst still allow a visual of the application being undertaken.

The applications for the glass tubes are principally industrial, as this type of glass is a very efficient electrical insulator, highly hydrolytic resistant, and absorbs x -rays. You can see from list of applications given above. They can however be used to create light features, the luster and shine provided by a lead tube, that is similar to what you will see in lead glass crystal, they are also easier to work than traditional borosilicate tubing and this can be advantageous to glass blowers, interior designers. and architects.

Please contact us with details of your requirements and we will be happy to quote and advise on the suitability of lead glass for your application.