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About us : Originally established in 1865, John Moncrieff has developed throughout time into two divisions. We manufacture Industrial glass along with specialising in lighting design and restoration. Our lighting strengths thrive daily and we deliver exceptional fittings and lights for commercial, industrial and for in the home. We have also do many well known TV and Film sets, our flexibility and experience allows us to turn our hand to making period lighting to an exceptional quality for the most demanding clientele.

In 2000 the John Moncrieff Ltd name was re-established; a former employee took over the name and re-established this proud Perth company. The continuous link with the original John Moncrieff is maintained as they had worked continuously since June 1995.

The present John Moncrieff Ltd is a thriving business based in Kinross. It still maintains the tradition of supplying glass for Industrial, scientific and engineering applications, more recently they have developed a highly successful lighting division. The lighting produced is a reaction to the mass production of the Far East, fine hand crafted lighting, built in the UK and built to last.  Moncrieff lighting can now be found in some of the most famous buildings in the UK, from House of Parliament, to the Palace of Justice, as well as being featured on many TV and Film sets, and of course private homes, hotels, pub and clubs across the land, and overseas. We look forward to receiving your inquiries in the future, or if you need any advice, we are always open and willing to help.

Moncrieff had always been a manufacturer of oil lamp chimneys, to complement the chimneys shades were manufactured, and from there they began to manufacture and supply shades for electric lights. In a few short years Moncrieff is now firmly established as a innovative lighting business. Supplying custom made, vintage and modern lighting. So know you know all About us.. Thank you