Steam Level Gauges

Steam Level Gauges

The Reflex glass level gauge provides maximum operator protection while displaying a clear indication of the liquid level for low pressure applications.

The Reflex glass level gauge provides maximum operator protection while displaying a clear indication of the liquid level for low pressure applications.

Above 22bar, Transparent glass level gauges are used, fitted with extra thick micas to protect the glass. These gauges can be fitted with illuminators, a useful option particularly in poorly lit areas.

For high pressure applications, Klinger Bi-colour glass level gauges are available with illuminators to give either a red and green or black and white indication, particularly useful for remote viewing.

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Reflex Level Gauge is available in the range ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 1500, it is particularly suited for low pressure steam boilers, gas liquefaction plants, reactors or storage vessels.

The Reflex boiler water level gauge allows light to be absorbed in the liquid space giving a dark appearance and reflected in the gas space, thereby providing a clear indication of the liquid level.

reflex gauge
  • Steam pressures up to 22 Bar
  • Direct viewing of liquid through the glass
  • Distinct black and silver indication
  • Reliable performance on cyclic duty
  • Top and bottom safety shut off ball checks
  • Left or right handed gauges available.
Transparent Process Level Gauges


Transparent Level Gauge is perfectly suited for viscous, interface and coloured liquids.
With two pieces of glass on opposite sides of the chamber, light passes through the transparent level gauge allowing the liquid position to be detected, whilst also monitoring the liquid’s characteristics e.g. viscosity.

For gauges being used in corrosive or steam environments, shields are available to protect the glass:

  • Steam pressures above 22 Bar and up to 120 Bar
  • Mica glass protection options avaialable
  • Direct viewing of liquid through glass
  • Illuminator options for viewing in dark areas
  • Right or left hand operation options
  • Ball checks are fitted to both top and bottom
  • Pressures up to ANSI 1500 (250 Bar)
  • Temperature range -196°C to +400°C


Bi-colour steam level gauge is suitable for high pressure boilers up to 210 bar saturated steam. With a clear red and green liquid and steam reading level indicator, the gauge provides accurate and reliable readings in a range of applications.

The bi-colour steam level gauge has a wide range of assemblies and C to C dimensions.

Bi-Colour Steam Level Gauge
  • The Bi-colour level gauge, available for pressures up to 210 bar is specially developed for high pressure steam boilers
  • Definite ‘red and green’ image shows steam/water level
  • Black and white options available for remote TV viewing
  • One piece and two piece body versions available
  • Forged alloy chamber supplied in ASTM A182 F11
  • Rating ANSI 1500
  • Wide range of assemblies and lengths
  • Safety assessment federation approved
  • Bi-Colour Steam Level Gauge
Process Valves & Cocks


A range of accessories are produced for steam level gauges including illuminators, gauge glasses, micas, shields, gaskets, engraved scales and various other components. Read through the product details below or get in touch with a sales contact to find out more.

  • Fluorescent and L.E.D illuminator for transparent gauges available
  • Side connected gauge for continuous sight
  • Mica Protection for glasses on transparent gauge only
  • Micas are offered in accordance with ISO 218SV.5.1 stained A1 quality
  • Uninterrupted sight where blind spots are not permitted
  • Gauge glasses are supplied with extra hard borosilicate glass
  • Gaskets
  • Non frost blocks to permit viewing through frost build up
  • Engraved scales calibrated to customer requirements
  • Specific Gravity glass floats
  • Heating systems to liquefy solids or crystalline structures

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