Quartz Glass

Moncrieff offers a full spectrum of products produced from high-purity Silicon Oxide Glass in 3 different grades according to the light transmission required. Our products are available in flat Glass, Tubular Glass, and also in formed shapes, bowls, hollow ware, boats etc

Quartz Glass has several technical qualities that are in demand by industry. The key features of which are summarized below.

Key Features:
  • It resists temperatures to 1200°C with very low thermal expansion.
  • It is very hard up to Mohs 7.
  • It is perfectly clear from Ultraviolet to Infrared range.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical attack.
  • Radiation resistance.
  • Electrical Insulator.

The standard technical details are given below, together with the light transmission Charts for the three forms that are available.

UV Grade Quartz for transmitting
down to 165~180 nm range:
Standard Quartz
Transmission Chart:
IR Grade
Quartz Sight Glass

Known for its clarity and temperature resistance to 1200°C. these Sight Glasses are available up to 400mm Diameter in circular form as well l as other flat panels and discs. These are most typically used as observation panel to allow viewing into high temperature vessels and also where chemical; attack is possible..

If glass to 300°C would suit, please visit this page

We can offer the flat glass in thickness from 1mm up to 40mm.

A few examples of the types of products that can be offered are listed in the slide show below.

Quartz Glass
Quartz Tubes and Rods

We have a page dedicated to Quartz Glass Tubes and Rods, the link can be found here.

Quartz Glass
Quartz Glass Formed Parts

Quartz Glass can be heated, manipulated and formed into any number of shapes for industrial applications in the Semi-Conductor, Optical, Power and Chemical Industries, amongst many others.

Quartz Glass
Example Quartz Parts