Reflex Gauge Glass

Reflex Gauge Glass

John Moncrieff Ltd offers Maxos Brand Reflex gauge glass. Maxos is the glass used in all leading Liquid Level Gauges.

John Moncrieff Ltd offers offers Maxos Brand. Maxos is the brand behind all leading Level Gauges :

  • Jerguson (Clarke Reliance)
  • Penberthy
  • Klinger
  • Bonetti
  • Bunki Boeki
  • Nihon Klingage

The glass can be either borosilicate (“extra hard”) or aluminosilicate glasses. The box maybe different, but the glass is Maxos.

These are used in our Liquid Level Gauges.

Reflex Gauge Glass after moulding is subjected to a two-sided polishing and toughening. The very specific glass types, most commonly 4.2 expansion Borosilicate Glass results in products characterized by high mechanical strength and high resistance to alkalis, acids and condensates.

Our range of standard sizes and technical information

Custom Manufacture

Reflex Gauge can be produced to non standard sizes, please contact us.

Warning! Glass offered by Far Eastern suppliers is not made from 4.2 Expansion Borosilicate and therefore is not suitable for use as a Gauge Glass. It may look the same but it isn’t.

These glasses are distinguished by the grooves down the face. The grooves increase the angle of refraction which makes the visibility of the liquid level is much better than when using Transparent Plain glass. Mica are not suitable for Reflex Gauge Glass, and so without this protection they are not suitable for steam applications.

Reflex glasses may be used in pressure up to 35 bar. In this area are sufficiently resistant to the environment. The reading is clear and contrasting. In the case of factors other than steam reflex glasses may be used up to 400 bar or 400˚C.

Reflex level gauge glasses are supplied either individually or in sets with gaskets.

Transparent Gauge Glass

Transparent Gauge Glass