Glass Forming with a blowtorch flame

Advantages of Glass Forming

John Moncrieff Ltd can manufacture custom glass products to your specific requirements, by forming glass tubes with heat.

As opposed to the more traditional methods of blowing and pressing glass, glass forming is highly skilled job that uses heat, blowing and manipulation of glass tubing to form products. The base material for production is glass tubing.

Using glass tube has several advantages…

  • No imperfections. The glass tubes are made without bubbles and imperfections, this will give your finished piece a bubble free finish.
  • Lower order quantities.  Glass forming is particularly suitable for smaller quantities under 100 units, so if you have smaller run, this may be the most economic method of production.
  • Versatile. Depending on the item, it may not be possible to produce it using traditional glass blowing techniques. Glass Forming offers a manufacturing option for such items.
  • Moulds. Depending on the item, it could be possible to produce glass formed items without the requirement for a mould, which help to keep costs down.  This would depend on the item, and the quantity required.

Here are a few examples of items that have been produced recently using the Glass Forming technique.

Intricate Glass Forming with Heat
Cutting glass tubing for glass forming
Using a blowtorch to form glass