Quartz Glass Tubes/Rods

Quartz Glass Tubing is produced from pure silica, it is renowned for its purity, clarity and exceptional heat resisting capabilities to 1200 Deg C. We can offer outside diameters from 2mm right up to 800mm. The quartz glass rods are available from 2mm to 45mm diameters. The tubes and rods can be supplied in the standard form, or we have the facility to further process the tubes into any manner of forms. Full details of the forms we can produce is available on our Quartz Glass page which can be found HERE

Quartz glass tubes has many other properties beneficial to numerous industrial applications.

The typical applications for quartz glass tubing are in the preparation of envelopes for high temperature light sources, such as Xeon, Ultraviolet and Halogen lamps. Quartz glass tubes also have applications due to its excellent heat resistance, up to 1200°C. This compares favourably to borosilicate which can reach temperatures up to 300°C.

Quartz glass tubes are used heavily in the semiconductor industry, and in power applications for high voltage insulation.

The Quartz is offered in 3 different grades JGS1, JGS2and JGS3, each has its own qualities, details and transmission charts:

Quartz Tube Available Diameters Quartz Rod Available Diameters
2mm – 800mm 2mm – 45mm
Quartz Glass Properties:
  • High chemical purity.
  • Resistance to acids and salt solutions except for hydrofluoric acid and hot phosphoric acid.
  • Very good light transmission in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength range.
  • Very low electrical conductivity and high breakdown field strength.
  • High thermal shock resistance.

Quartz Tubes and Rods can be used, or they are on they can be transformed into multiple forms. You can see some applications below: