Type G22 Quickmount Gauge

Our most popular Tank Level Gauge is designed for general industrial use. The unique isolating valve and collar design, allows for maintenance of the gauge column without tools and the need to drain the tank. Available with automatic safety shut off valves and drain valve.

Suitable for a wide range of pressures and temperatures, the gauge is fitted with elastomer seals in materials to suit the required service.

Example Applications
  • Diesel (on-land applications)
  • Fuel oil (on-land applications)
  • Lubrication oil (on-land applications)
  • Water
  • Coolant
  • Chemicals
  • Lubricant Oil
  • General Liquid Storage
  • Delivery; 4-5 weeks or less
  • Max working pressure 22bar
  • Max working temperature: 150°C
  • ½”, ⅝” or ¾” BSP Fittings
  • Open or Closed Circuit
  • Flanges can be supplied. In DN or ANSI
  • Brass, Stainless-Steel or Polypropylene Plastic options
  • Lengths up to 5mtrs +
  • Safety Ball Shut Off available
  • Drain/Vent Valves available
  • Acrylic Tube option
  • Robust Tubular Guard
  • Electronic Read Out option
  • Graduation – Where a measure of the precise storage volume is required, graduated gauges can be supplied. The capacity units can either be marked on the guard tube or an engraved scale plate can be provided