Tubular Marine Gauge (Type G21)

The Tubular Marine Gauge is designed for use within the marine and offshore industries. Due to its tubular design this gauge is suitable only for use with non-flammable liquids. For flammable see either our G35 Seemag or G31 Seeflex.

This gauge is commonly used for water storage and coolant tanks on board cargo ships, tugs and military vessels. Suitable for Diesel or Fuel Oil on land applications.

Approval: Conforms with EN BS ISO10088 Recreational Craft Directive.

Tubular Marine Gauge
Example Applications
  • Diesel (on-land applications)
  • Fuel oil (on-land applications)
  • Lubrication oil (on-land applications)
  • Water
  • Coolant
  • Chemicals
  • General Liquid Storage
  • Delivery; 4-5 weeks or less
  • ½”, or ¾” BSP and NPT Fittings
  • Push Button operation, spring loaded valve reseals the gauge.
  • Damage resistant; liquid cannot escape
  • Easy Cleaning, gauge can be removed for cleaning, valves remain sealed.
  • Ease of viewing: magnifying coloured strip highlights colourless liquid
  • Flanges can be supplied. In DN or ANSI
  • Welded Boss option
  • Brass, or Stainless-Steel Valves
  • Lengths up to 5mtrs+
  • Acrylic Tube option
  • Robust Tubular Guard
  • Graduation – Where a measure of the precise storage volume is required, graduated gauges can be supplied. The capacity units can either be marked on the guard tube or an engraved scale plate can be provided.