Luxury Yacht Marine Level Gauges

We offer our G31 Seeflex Gauge, our Luxury Yacht Marine Gauges with high polished front cover to suit the interiors of High-End Motor Yachts and luxury sea borne vessels. Your machine room should look as good as the rest of you Yacht, and these look great. They are fully complaint to Marine standards including SOLAS compliance and hold approvals for Lloyds, FINA, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas. The Marine gauges are versatile, being suitable for Diesel Oil, Fuel, Water and coolants . Produced in the UKThe gauges are robust and feature Reflex style gauge glass, that are safe and allow for easy viewing of liquids, The Reflex Glasses are produced from toughened glass and as such are resistant to breakage and accidental damage. A variety of suitable seals are available depending on the media within the tank. .

Rather than the functional industrial finishes available on standard gauges our Motor Yacht Marine Level Gauges have a high polished covers. This raises the aesthetic of these Luxury essential items to a new level. See some examples below.

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