The Coloured Glass Revolution

Over recent years there has been a revolution in the production of coloured glass.


Traditionally glassmakers would need to melt a furnace full of a given colour, this could be up to 100kgs worth of glass. If this was a specific colour then the customer would be required to take that full furnace batch of 100kgs which, from a customer’s point of view, can be problematic.

Large minimum order quantities to absorb the 100kgs.

Long lead times to secure a furnace for melting specific colours. Typically, this can be into months.

No Guarantee that the colour will be an exact match the customers’ requirements. Glass is a very technical process, and there are a number of factors that can affect the finished glass colour. So very often the final colour can vary somewhat, and even from the same batch, the colour of the forms can vary. See the images below.

Colour One

Colour Two

Traditionally the only option to melt coloured glass was a spray colour. The old technology spray was very prone to scratching, and even washing the glass could remove the colour coating. This was not a satisfactory alternative, and quite rightly spray colour gained a very bad reputation, and even today the negativity surrounding sprayed glass remains.

The Revolution

The revolution in coloured glass has been only in the last few years and there are now serious alternatives to melting coloured glass, and that can offer customers excellent alternatives.


Consistent glass colours

Consistent glass quality

Smaller minimum order quantities

Faster deliveries

The options depend on the size and quantity of items required.

Coloured Glass Tubing

Glass tubing is now available in a variety of different colours as you can see from the attached weblink. The tubing is from borosilicate, heat-resisting glass, and this in turn can be formed into any number of shapes and designs. This is ideal for light shades, oil burners and light wall-blown items.

Consistent colours

Bubble free glass

Order Quantities from 50 pieces

Sprayed Glass Globe
Blown Glass tubing

Coloured Glass Rod

As with coloured glass tubes, glass rods are also available in a variety of colours. The glass rods are ideal for manufacturing small, pressed items, this allows smaller coloured lenses and similar to be produced in a very cost-efficient manner

Consistent colours

Bubble free glass

Order Quantities from 50 pieces

Coloured Rod Pressing

Pressed Coloured Glass
Coloured Rod Pressing
Pressed Coloured Rod

Resin Painting

Electric painting is a technique that can be used to colour any glass. The colour is applied and then baked onto the glass offering a finish that is both tough, scratch resistant and indistinguishable from glass.

Available to match any RAL or Pantone Colour

Signal Colours available

Order quantities from 50 pieces

Consistent colours

Coloured Glass Bankers Shade
Sprayed Glass
Orange Sprayed Glass

Regardless of your coloured glass requirements please contact us at John Moncrieff to discuss your request: