Glass Walls and Partitions are an excellent way of flooding dark paces with light, for lifting tired interiors, and creating a contemporary modern feel to a public space.

The glass tubes come in lengths of up to 4 meters in a single span, meaning you can fill even the tallest of rooms, without the need for unpleasing breaks or dividers in the tubes. The unique internal polymer coating helps retain the integrity of tube in the case of breakage, so any sharps of glass are captured within the coating and are not thrown into the environment. Then the compromised tubing can be replaced. Making it both a safe, practical and cost-effective solution.

Lighting Your Glass Wall

The glass walls make a dramatic statement, this can be further enhanced with the addition on LED lighting to create a number dynamic effects and moods.

The Breakage Patterns are shown below.

The tubes are available in Plain Clear or with an Internal Ribbed as shown.

Please contact us for available sizes, prices and lead times.