Annealed Glass Toughened Glass
Annealed Toughened Glass


Annealed Glass Toughened Glass
Polarised Annealed Toughened Polarized


Gauge Glass Circular Sight Glass
Transparent Gauge Glass Circular Sight Glass


  • Safety – 4 time stronger that standard annealed glass, additionally when it breaks, it breaks into little square pieces, as you would see in a shattered car windscreen. not in sharp shards..

  • Durability – 4 times stronger increases the durability and life span of the item.

  • Economic – longer lasting products means, less machinery down time on maintenance


Toughened Glass has many applications, for John Moncrieff Ltd we use toughened glass as our standard method for producing

  • Circular Sight Glasses/ Pet Glasses.

  • Flat panels and other flat shapes

    Recently we are also now offering toughened glass tubing



    If you would like more detailed information on toughened glass products, please contact us