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Blown glass

John Moncrieff Ltd has specialized in offering blown glass solutions to our customers around the world since 1865.

Blown Glass is formed when molten glass is placed on the end of the blowpipe, and is then inflated into a wooden or metal carved mould. In this way, the shape and the texture of the bubble of glass is determined by the design on the interior of the mould as much as the skill of the glassworker.

Blown Glass | Products

Blown Glass has numerous applications within industrial, engineering and scientific fields. Examples include light wall vessels, glass domes, tubing and glass ‘U’ bends. We can offer various glass types to suit different technical requirements. Please contact us for further information.

Blown Glass Borosilicate Glass

Borosilicate Blown Glass

This type of glass has a relatively low alkali content and consequently has both excellent chemical durability and thermal shock resistance – meaning it doesn’t break when changing temperature quickly.

As a result of these properties, sodium borosilicate glass is widely used across the engineering and chemical industries, and pharmaceutical sectors for laboratory apparatus. Other applications include sight glasses and lighting applications – as well as, of course, for common household kitchen appliances.

Suitable for temperatures for up to 350°C.

Blown Quartz Glass

Quartz Blown Glass

Fused Quartz is manufactured by melting naturally occurring crystalline silica, such as sand or rock crystal. The production method is either electrically fused or flame fused. Afterwards, items will appear transparent, translucent, or opaque; making it possible to create a wide range of products.

Vitreous Silica, in all its forms, offers a variety of properties such as:

  • Permeability
  • Extreme Hardness
  • Very Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Resistance to High Temperature
  • High Chemical Purity
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Extensive Optical Transmission from Ultra-Violet to Infra-Red
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Qualities
Blown Opal Glass

Opal Blown Glass

We use opal glass, triplex opal, flashed opal glass for a wide range of lighting applications. Opal glass is an excellent diffuser of light. Our capacity can blow opal glass to a maximum of 600mm. It is also available in flat and tubular glass.

Blown Glass Coloured

Coloured Blown Glass

We have the facility to offer glass in any PAL or RAL colour currently up to 300mm diameter using our spray/resin method. This is very effective and offer a very good finish in both opaque and transparent colours. There is also the facility to make solid colours, please contact us for details.

Blown Aluminosilicate Glass

Blown Aluminosilicate Glass

Not as widely used as borosilicate, but still an important type of glass. Aluminosilicate is able to withstand high temperatures and thermal shock, and is typically used in combustion tubes, gauge glasses for high-pressure steam boilers, and in halogen-tungsten lamps capable of operating at temperatures of 750°C.

Commonly known as lead crystal, lead glass is used to make a wide variety of decorative glass objects. It is made by using lead oxide instead of calcium oxide, and potassium oxide instead of all or most of the sodium oxide.

The traditional English full lead crystal contains at least 30% lead oxide (PbO) but any glass containing at least 24% PbO can be described as lead crystal. Glass containing less than 24% PbO, is known simply as crystal glass. The lead is locked into the chemical structure of the glass so there is no risk to human health.
Lead glass has a high refractive index making it sparkle brightly and a relatively soft surface so that it is easy to decorate by grinding, cutting and engraving which highlights the crystals brilliance making it popular for glasses, decanters and other decorative objects.

Glass with even higher lead oxide contents (typically 65%) may be used as radiation shielding because of the well-known ability of lead to absorb gamma rays and other forms of harmful radiation.


Moncrieff offer both hand, semi automatic and fully automatic blowing facilities. This makes us perhaps the most versatile pressed glass company. Offering volumes from tens up to tens of thousands of units. All with the assurance of 150 years of experience.


At John Moncrieff Ltd we are equally happy dealing with large PLC as we are smaller concerns, all are treated with the same dedication to quality and customer service.


We invite you to send your enquiries. In the first instance please contact us with a drawing or sketch, outlining the usage conditions and an indication of production volumes.